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What's a CoSolve?

An elevated community and entrepreneurial experience.

Our community started with realization that there existed a gap in our home towns ability to serve our local entrepreneurs. After collaborative community conversations and efforts, CoSolve opened its doors in 2016 bringing together businesses and entrepreneurial resources to better serve and elevate the Longmont entrepreneurial community.

Since then CoSolve has grown with a mission to not only unlock and make available local entrepreneurial community resources, but to also do so regionally, across the country, and beyond. CoSolve is an ecosystem of resources - CoSolve Coworking, CoSolve Foundation, CoSolve Accelerator, CoSolve Capital and launching in the near future CoSolve Labs.

A CoSolve is when we see like minded businesses, innovators, and thought leaders collaborate to solve a problem.

Incorporated 2016 in Longmont, Colorado by seasoned entrepreneurs, technologists and recovering corporate employees, CoSolve is a Colorado corporation with a mission to deliver impact through accessible resources, and effective products that will ultimately disrupt the way communities think about coworking, entrepreneurship, economic development, and sustainability.

Meet the CoSolve Leadership Team

Collaboration, and CoSolving is in our DNA, thats why we have chosen dual leadership at CoSolve through our CO-Executive Directors. #BiggerThanUs is our realization from our own experience that more collaborative intelligence fosters greater creativity, innovation and traction.

Dixon Dick

CO-Executive Director

Darren Elven

CO-Executive Director

Building a better mousetrap! Together we have many years of career experience neither of us wishes to admit to! From all those years we realize some of the truths about how innovative companies and people generate great ideas. We believe that the best innovation environments are not created through traditional structures but more so from self-organized communities.

After many years as entrepreneurs ourselves we decided to focus our learnings, knowledge and skills to better serve our own entrepreneurial ventures, and community in Longmont, Colorado. Over our careers we have been mentors, founders and leaders in organizations such as IBM, Compaq, Disney, Crocs, TechStars, The TinkerMill, and Startup Longmont. These experiences and others taught us some of the best characteristics of innovation spaces that we are now able to bring together into our own innovative community. 

We know that the spaces we work in affects us all deeply, our behaviors, and our ability to connect and collaborate with others, and that traditional work environments often lead people to "nest". At CoSolve we have deliberately created and curated a working environment that fosters collaborative friction

More than just coworking! CoSolve is not your traditional coworking space, yes we ensured all the expected ammenities are available (including the fastest ISP in the nation and a datacenter), but we also ensure a cross pollination of industry members from food science, themepark operations, to super hi-tech disruptive innovators, all of whom cross paths daily and collaborate on different ideas and conversations.  

We believe it is important to have a flexible work space where our community members can meet and collaborate, and then go get their heads down to accomplish their next milestone. Together we support innovation through intentional collaborative friction, our community members are highly encouraged to share and collaborate with each other, and we all support the community at large.

In supporting our community businesses we differentiate ourselves by providing incubation, acceleration and capital funding opportunities, and in the near future growth support through a trade association with a focus upon smart cities innovations and impact collaborations.

So why not come visit, say hi, and stay for a day. Check us out and learn how CoSolve can be your new coworking community.


350 Terry Street,
Suite 200,
Longmont, CO 80501


Phone: +1 (737) 333 8708