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The CoSolve Community

Where We Work More Socially

At CoSolve we are more than coworking, we cultivate and promote innovation by bringing together weavers and resources within the same workspace to collaborate upon diverse business projects. Our community is populated by individuals with expertise and experience across industries, and when we chat, collaborate, ideate and experiment together great things happen that are #BiggerThanUs. 

CoSolve is an ecosystem of resources...

At CoSolve we bring together an ecosystem of accessible resources to help founders achieve their startup dreams.

COSOLVE Coworking

Our coworking community is a shared office space, event space, community meetup center and innovation hub focused upon collaboration.

COSOLVE Incubator

Our business incubator helps startup companies move beyond the idea phase with an accessible ecosystem of knowledge and expert resources.


COSOLVE Accelerator

Our business accelerator program helps startups with infrastructure, access to networks, mentorship, peers, and investors to drive success.


We founded CoSolve Capital because we believe it makes sense for our community to have access to investor and capital resources. 

... collaborators...

We are a community of weavers who share an ethos that puts shared value above ourselves, and together we shape future solutions to address some of todays business challenges.

... and Community Partners

In collaboration with community partners we accelerate ideas into action to advance our ecosystem of support and resources, at CoSolve we are proud to partner with and support our local community organizations, here are just a few of those we work with. 


Local first is part of who we are.


350 Terry Street,
Suite 200,
Longmont, CO 80501


Phone: +1 (737) 333 8708