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Community and Collaboration

Each an expression of our core values, together they form the basis of the CoSolve Community culture. We are a community of connected entrepreneurs and small businesses creating an economy of innovation, creativity, and social impact.

Why our culture rocks!

We continue to build our culture upon much more than just coworking


Entrepreneurship Is In Our DNA

Our capabilities, culture, infrastructure and ecosystem are geared towards providing the resources that help entrepreneurs achieve their startup dreams.


We Are Impact Driven

Our community is a thriving hub of innovation, impactful connections and impact entrepreneurs that work collaboratively towards a shared prosperity for all. 


We Always Look to Improve

We consciously support entrepreneurial ecosystem development and impact entrepreneurship by continually evaluating and elevating our ecosystem of resources.

We seek collaborators as we activate dreamers, doers, and creators

We believe innovation breeds innovation, and we provide a culture of collaborative support to activate innovative entrepreneurs.


Small wins, big wins, community wins, we recognize, celebrate and repeat. Regular social gatherings, impromptu huddles, and plenty of open kudos and fun all around.

Safe Zones

Raising a startup is hard, we bolster founders' journeys with a thriving ecosystem of resources which nourishes within a safe space protecting founders and their teams.

Long-Term Commitments

Our commitment to building a robust and vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem is long-term, and focused upon building an impact-driven ecosystem of diversity.


We have way to much fun!

We invite our colleagues, peers, and community members to engage, interact and participate in amazing interactive experiences that educate and support our members and community.

How can you add your uniqueness to our culture?



350 Terry Street                     
Suite 200,
Longmont, CO 80501


Phone: +1 (737) 333 8708