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Get to know us.

There are many common assumptions about people who work from within coworking and shared work spaces. However, just like the CoSolve ecosystem of resources, our members are anything but typical. Let go of your thoughts of the average "coworking space person". Read below to learn about the kinds of people that choose to work within the CoSolve community. 

Who are CoSolve Members?

Our members are successful, driven, diverse, grown-up (most of the time), and professional.

Work More Socially! At CoSolve our community members love to collaborate and work socially on a variety of diverse projects, opportunities and ideas, in doing so our community members thrive and grow together. 

Make a Meaningful Impact! Aside from their usual day-to-day activities,  members bring their whole selves to work everyday to be part of a supportive culture, all while performing meaningful work for the local community through volunteer work, mentorship and events. 


Many remote workers, freelancers, startups and small businesses choose CoSolve to call their home.

Jason Kraft - CoSolve Member since 2016 (

"I have been a member since their inception ... The community has grown exponentially, and there are always incredibly talented and knowledgeable people working, in many different facets of the entrepreneurial realm. Being a remote worker, I could not have asked for a better spot to make my home base. They are also very engaged in the community, and looking to help Longmont grow!"

Jon Fukuda - CoSolve Member since 2016 (

"My company first dropped into CoSolve for a week of meetings in their flex conference spaces. Initially, we were pleasantly surprised how easy it was... coffee in the morning, convenient walking distance from Main Street restaurants, cafes, and bars. Then we started noticing the community at CoSolve. It wasn’t long before we were hooked. We settled into a temporary set of hot-desks while the 2nd floor was being renovated, and finally an office on the 2nd floor when it was completed. We’ve been growing our business out of CoSolve the over a year now, and we couldn’t be happier!"

Our members span a diverse set of industries

Diversity matters, plain and simple. Whether by industry or within an organization, at CoSolve we believe in supporting diversity.

Industry mix of member companies

Our member companies range in size from independent consultants and freelancers, pre-revenue startups to large global corporations with remote workers calling CoSolve their regional base of operations. 

Across these industrious member companies CoSolve members cover both for-profit and non-profit organizations operating in - education; health/pharma; financial services; consumer services; consumer goods and products; software; clean technology; media; business services; entertainment and theme parks; computer peripherals; computer hardware.

The top business services include; cybersecurity, marketing/public relations, law, finance, UI/UX, and design.

Growth of business within the CoSolve community is constant, and with the diverse ecosystem of industrious companies there is no shortage of finding peer resources.  



Computer / Hardware


Business Services


Consumer Goods / Services




Ready to make a difference in the community?



350 Terry Street,
Suite 200,
Longmont, CO 80501


Phone: +1 (737) 333 8708