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Kurt Brewer

Brewer Law LLC

Brewer Law LLC is a boutique business law firm that strives to provide its clients with prompt, creative and cost effective legal solutions across a broad spectrum of business, contractual and real estate matters. With a particular emphasis on small and mid-sized businesses, we counsel business owners on the best legal means to achieve growth, protect assets and minimize legal risk.

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Jason Kraft

“I consider myself a creatively inclined individual guided by a strong moral compass of compassion and integrity that encourages continual self improvement, whole body wellness, and well being. A lover of tangible results, streamlined processes, and efficient work flow. A seeker of a personal and worldly sustainable lifestyle. A desire to design, move, change, improve, and experience the world for better. Even if it’s one small part of the world at a time.”

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Ian Netherton (Founder)


The Scribworks application delivers seamless cash and accrual financial forecasts. Items such as deferred revenue, depreciation and prepaid expenses are automatically tracked while cash reporting is demonstrated on a daily basis. Managers and advisors can exceed the cash accuracy constraints of Excel and other 30-day predicated applications while delivering high quality financial forecasts.

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Maria Taylor & Jon Fukuda


Founded in 2003, our vision is to create a consulting organization focused on empowering users to meet their maximum potential by elevating the quality of their work experience. We work with startups, enterprise businesses and government to improve the intersection of people, information & technology.

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Brian Zapp, Jackson Zapp, & John Kathrein

Applied Food Source

Applied Food Sciences (AFS) supplies organic ingredients and natural botanicals that are used by big food, beverage, and supplement companies. AFS specializes in science backed extractions and sustainably sourced raw-materials from all over the world for organic energy, antioxidants, and overall health & wellness.

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Keith Hughes & Drew Jensen


What is a Health Aware Smart Home? Many health issues cause small changes in daily patterns. Detecting these changes earlier can help seniors stay healthy and independent. The goal of Inhabitech’s Hestia system is to recognize changes in seniors’ patterns as early as possible, so that a caregiver can be consulted about what those changes might indicate.

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Mark Mihelic, Chuck Herring, Kenyon Waugh, & Mike Eley


AllSource uses satellites, airplanes, drones, social media, weather, news feeds and other real time data services to deliver Geospatial Intelligence produced by advanced software and analysis. These information sources provide Geospatial Intelligence – historical context and data analytic services – based on your needs. Our subscription service provides the data, knowledge and analysis needed to improve preparedness and deliver rapid, comprehensive, event-driven situational awareness.

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Dixon Dick & Mike Spykerman


Archethought delivers real-time urban sensor data, with intelligent machine learning algorithms to monitor, detect and proactively report upon potential issues, or ordinance violations before they become a source of conflict - all with attainable costs, a high degree of accuracy, and simple implementations.

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Dave Bennett - CTO

Cache Q

CacheQ Systems Inc is a venture capital funded startup developing tools for software engineers. We take HLL code (C, C++, etc.) and automatically partition it into pieces to run at the edge and in the cloud, and potentially into GPUs or FPGA logic running either locally or in the cloud. We also automatically generate the interfaces between the various pieces making it pretty invisible to the developer. Our web page is currently under development but if you keep an eye on we should have more stuff there soon.

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Jasmine Firchau


LaunchSquad is an award-winning public relations, content marketing and creative agency with offices in San Francisco, New York, Boston and Seattle. Since 1999, we’ve been passionately helping companies make a name for themselves, grow their services and become market leaders. Our expertise spans both consumer-facing and B2B clients in a variety of industries including consumer technology, enterprise technology, fashion, retail, entertainment, media, ecommerce, gaming, education, finance, energy and more.

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Tara Hornung

Artifact Conservation Services

Artifact Conservation Services provides preservation consultation, collections management, and conservation treatment services for archaeological, historic, and artistic works. Located in Boulder County, Colorado, the company serves the mountain states and plains region with on-site preservation consultation and conservation of art and artifacts for museum, corporate, and private collections. Clients include the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, Wyoming Military Department, NineDot Arts, Dean and Associates Conservation Services, Carbon County Museum, Colorado University Art Museum, Denver Arts and Venues, Travelers Insurance, and private clients.

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Chad Clendinen

Broomstick Engine

Chad Clendinen is a Film Director and Animator residing outside of Boulder, Colorado. His passion for telling cause- driven stories and films about the outdoors is what led him to join the team that created the viral campaign, Kony 2012 and to create "A Field Guide To Losing Your Friends". Chad is excited to announce that A Field Guide to Losing Your Friends will premiere at the Mountain Film Festival in May, 2017. He currently works as the lead creative at Broomstick Engine, an agency that creates campaigns and documentaries for innovative nonprofits and brands.

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Patrick Van Oosterwijck

Silicognition on LinkedIn

I like to use my skills in electronic circuit design and software engineering to create outstanding products. I strive for excellence and don't settle for good enough. I like to work for companies that appreciate and foster such excellence, and at the same time recognize the importance of a healthy work/life balance. I firmly believe that people do their best work when they are enjoying what they do. I have a can-do attitude and a strong drive to achieve whatever I set out to do.

Do you have an interesting project that needs electronics and/or software? Then contact me, I'm available for contract work!

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Paul Humphrey

Longmont Computer

We are passionate about fixing computers, technology trends, and delight in helping our customers realize the full potential of their devices! Perhaps you have a new smart TV, tablet, smartphone, Wi-Fi router, wireless printer, or you just had broadband cable or NextLight fiber internet installed and are wondering what gear you need to take full advantage of increased download speeds. We are here to help, combining years of experience, respectful and patient customer care, plus a constant eye on future trends.

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Jennifer Sage

Vis-a-vis Creative

I'm the Creative Director of Vis-a-vis Creative — an end-to-end branding agency based in Chicago. We're devoted to strategy, design, technology and new experiences with a focus on: market analysis and strategy, brand and identity development, design for anything and everything, digital development, animation and live action video.

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Billie Abbitt


Royal Philips of the Netherlands is a leading health technology company focused on improving people’s health and enabling better outcomes across the health continuum from healthy living and prevention, to diagnosis, treatment and home care. Philips leverages advanced technology and deep clinical and consumer insights to deliver integrated solutions. The company is a leader in diagnostic imaging, image-guided therapy, patient monitoring and health informatics, as well as in consumer health and home care.

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Tim Waite & Ariel Ropek

1440 Security

We help organizations protect and secure their infrastructure and mission critical data from advanced cyber attacks. With our depth of cyber security expertise, Every Minute monitoring and cyber threat detection we help remove complexity from security operations while providing our clients with the most comprehensive real-time cyber threat defense.

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Aaron Mendelson

WhiteWater West®

WhiteWater West is one of the premier Waterpark Design and Development firms globally.

WhiteWater began as a waterpark operator in 1980 and has maintained a focus on the guest experience and achieving operational success with everything we do.

Serving our clients and being their partner in success is our top priority. We’ve established an organization with the depth and breadth to be just that. From master planning to installation, we’ve created a team of dedicated experts to ensure our name is synonymous with excellence.